FoodSaver® Fully Automated Vacuum Sealer FFS006X


The FoodSaver® FFS006X Food Preservation Vacuum System keeps food fresh up to five times longer. Its automatic vacuum & seal operation allows you to vacuum seal food in compatible bags and containers. Featuring an integrated handheld vacuum, roll storage and cutter, a “Moist/dry” function for adjusting the seal according to the food consistency, marinate and pulse functions; this FoodSaver Food Preservation Vacuum Sealing System offers you the ideal solution for all your food storage needs.

  • Removes air and vacuum seals to keep food fresh up to 5x longer than conventional food storage methods.
  • Sleek, contemporary vertical design: place your FoodSaver on your countertop and it’s always ready to preserve your fresh food for longer.
  • Integrated handheld vacuum and Integrated roll storage and cutter
  • Reduces bag making steps by 50% with the Express Bag Maker and reduces over 30% of roll waste
  • Removable dishwasher safe drip tray and automatic liquid detection

The FoodSaver® Food Preservation Vacuum System incorporates NEW features like the Express Bag Maker that reduces vacuum sealing steps by 50%* because it pre-seals the end of your next bag each time. The Vacuum View Window allows you to see where you seal, giving you better control during vacuum sealing. The Lower Seal and Cut Bar design allows you to use your countertop as your workspace, providing ease and convenience for making custom-sized, ready-to-use bags automatically and the easy-access Open Roll Storage keeps track of bag inventory, so you always know when you’re running low!


The FoodSaver® Food Preservation Vacuum System also combines the 2-in-1 functionality that is unique to the FoodSaver® brand. It combines a powerful upright vacuum sealing system to vacuum seal bags for long-term storage in your freezer, with an integrated retractable handheld sealer to vacuum zipper bags and containers that keep refrigerated foods and cupboard items fresh and delicious. The Pulse function is great for vacuum sealing delicate items without damage, while the moist/dry food setting allows you to adjust the seal level for different types of food. The Marinator mode marinates in minutes, using vacuum power to pulse juices deep into the fibres of the meat. The dishwasher safe drip tray will collect any excess liquid throughout the vacuum sealing process.


FoodSaver® bags and rolls are safe to freeze, simmer or microwave defrost only. They are constructed from strong 5-ply material with special channels designed to enable complete removal of air, meaning there is none trapped in ‘pockets’ around the food that can contribute towards freezer burn and compromise freshness. All FoodSaver® bags and rolls are BPA-free – safe for all the family. The FoodSaver® FFS006X Food Preservation Vacuum System includes 2large size bags, 3 small bags, 3 Zipper bags and 1 roll.


FoodSaver® is the original consumer vacuum sealing system. As the global market leader FoodSaver® has sold in excess of 20 million units to date. The FoodSaver® brand continues to innovate in its mission to keep your food fresher for longer.


*Compared to previous FoodSaver® Food Preservation Systems