FoodSaver® VS2190X


Vacuum sealing is one of the most effective ways of storing food, and with the Vacuum Sealing System with Roll Storage, it is now easy too. The simple, modern design helps keep food fresh for up to five times longer, so you can reduce waste and save money on your food shop. Capable of storing everything from dry ingredients, to fridge leftovers, to frozen produce, a vacuum sealing system is the perfect way to keep things fresh that little bit longer. Sleek and contemporary in design, the Vacuum System has a small footprint. The integrated roll storage and cutting facility also streamlines usage, making it quick and fuss-free to preserve everything from small snacks for lunchboxes to whole leftover meals. Innovative features such as the seal-only setting, the moist or dry food function and a marinate function mean that you can tailor the system to your vacuum sealing needs. It can also be used with Fresh Containers and Zipper Bagsfrom the FoodSaver® range for easy storage on the go. With easy clean up thanks to a dishwasher-safe drip tray and a wide range of additional features, such as the handheld vacuum hose, this is the perfect sealing system for the busy family kitchen.

  • Keeps food fresh up to 5 longer*
  • Automatic vacuum and seal operation
  • Seal only mode
  • Moist/Dry Food Mode
  • Built-in roll storage and cutter
  • Compatible with all bags/rolls/accessories
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray
  • 2 year limited guarantee
  • Accessories include: Handheld sealer accessory and hose, 1 roll (28 cm × 2,43 m), 5 vacuum seal bags (946 ml) and 5 vacuum zipper bags (946 ml)


Food Preservation System
So what exactly is a
FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System?
A FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System is the best way to keep food fresh up to 5 x Longer* which, in turn, could save you money whilst reducing food waste. Once you experience the FoodSaver® System you will immediately understand the advantages. So what is it? It’s a system that includes vacuum seal bags, rolls, containers and range of accessories for your food designed to work together with vacuum sealers for optimal performance. The system removes air from the bags and creates and air-tight seal to lock in the freshness and protect food from spoiling. Think about that!

Promise Freshness
Every time you preserve food with a FoodSaver® Vacuum sealing System?
You are guaranteed the promise of freshness. FoodSaver® vacuum seal bags and rolls are proven to keep food fresh up to 5 x longer*. When air is evacuated from the bag and roll and sealed with an airtight seal using a FoodSaver®® Vacuum sealer, food is protected from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.

Multi-layer protection
5X longer means you can make use of food you would normally have to discard if left too long when saved in an ordinary storage bag or plastic container. For instance, meat preserved with the FoodSaver® System and stored in the freezer can last up to 3 years, rather than 6 months, and it still tastes as fresh as the day you sealed it. Or prep-ahead meals and leftovers stored in the fridge can be enjoyed weeks later instead of days later.

FoodSaver® Food PRESERVATION system
More ways to seal
The FoodSaver® Food Preservation Vacuum System is versatile for all different food storage needs
store meats, vegetables and cheeses for longer periods of time and up to 5x longer with no freezer burns.
store fresh produce, leftovers, prep-ahead ingredients, fresh snacks, pudding and more
store pasta, rice, oatmeal, cereal, crackers, baking ingredients, nuts, dried fruit and more
take lunch, dinner and snacks with you for freshness wherever you go

FoodSaver® VS2190X Vacuum Sealing System
The FoodSaver VS2190X keeps food fresh up to 5x longer compared to ordinary storage methods and helps prevent freezer burn. The built-in roll storage and cutter bar lets you easily make custom-sized vacuum seal bags without scissors and holds both 20cm and 28cm width bags perfectly.

Designed For Easy Use
Moist and Dry modes ensure you get an airtight seal regardless of food type. And the built-in bag alignment provides correct bag placement for a proper seal every time.
Integrated Roll storage
Roll storage and an integrated cutter allow you to cut rolls to a size that suits you.
Use the handheld sealer accessory with FoodSaver Zipper Bags, Fresh Containers and Preserve & Marinate Containers for more ways to keep your food deliciously fresh.

Compact design
The FoodSaver® VS2190X vacuum sealing system features a compact design; it is a stylish space-saving unit suitable for all sized kitchens.


* Vs unbranded store packaging, Independent National Food Laboratory study 2003.