FoodSaver® zipper bags FVB015X


Aimed at working families, the FoodSaver® zippered vacuum bags allow you to reduce food waste and serve fresh and delicious meals to your family every day. Specially designed for use with the Foodsaver Handheld Sealer, they are ideal for storing and taking away all kinds of fresh food and meals consumed daily.

• 26 bags of 950ml intended for frequent use for keeping your fresh products in the refrigerator.
• Perfectly suited for vacuum packaging food or leftovers, which can be stored for up to 2 times longer.
• Reinforced zip closure with double zipper.
• Easy to open by hand: taste your vacuum-packed food, then wash the bags and reuse them.
• BPA free, 5 thicknesses.

Thanks to vacuum technology, stored food stays fresh and delicious for up to twice as long in the refrigerator or in the cupboard. This solution is ideal for families who struggle to prepare meals made with fresh ingredients during the week or who wish to take nutritious meals day after day.
Designed for short-term storage, the FoodSaver® zipper bags are quick and easy to seal. Made from the same high quality multilayer material as our famous bags and rolls, these bags save you time and money. Leftovers and unused ingredients should no longer be thrown away: our vacuum bags with zipper will keep them fresh longer for the next tasting.
They can even be washed after each use, to reuse them more times. Armed with this asset, these bags thus offer excellent value for money.
In addition, the vacuum bags with zipper closure are easy to carry, allowing you to take them wherever you want. They are ideal for preparing weekly meals, picnics or packed lunches. The large labels on the outside of the bags make labeling and organizing food much easier. Finally, thanks to the vacuum technology, the vacuum bags with zip zipper shrink, which further simplifies their storage.

FoodSaver® is the pioneer in consumer vacuum preservation. Innovative and international leader in vacuum packaging, its sales to date exceed the 20 million mark. The FoodSaver® brand continues its innovation mission to keep your food fresh longer.